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Here’s the two main shots I did of the Community Study Room for last night’s animated segments from History 101.

For those of you who didn’t “get” the reference this may seem a little confusing… or not.

Anyway, the “joke” here is that these animated segments are an homage to or mashup with the 80’s cartoon Muppet Babies.  Therefore, we used similar colors and elements found in the main play room from that show but skewing it to fit the study room from community.  Astute viewers with a keen mind will see quite a few nods to the design of the study room.

Well… if I did my job correctly that is.

The tie-in to Muppet Babies is also a big part of why some things perhaps look a little “bad” or “poorly designed/painted.”  it is a purposeful decision in order to properly pay homage to the incredibly RAD 80’s source material we were riffing off of.  It wouldn’t have felt “right” if we just made it look 100% beautiful and amazing ;) Kind of like how in the foosball animated bit… & how it looked like bad anime.  It’s all part of the gag.

I think Alison, the director, character designer and lead animator did an AMAZING job and was a pleasure to work with.  She is super talented and was a one woman wrecking machine on this project that had a WHOPPING crew of 3 people (including myself as the one man background design/paint department).  check out her blog HERE to see a post where she shares some more insight and artwork of her own from this project.

Another post with more details and some more of the background artwork coming up after these messages.


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