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Bipedal mutant who designs & paints backgrounds for some of your favorite TV shows. Steven Universe, Motorcity & Over the Garden.


Here’s my first set of background paintings for Motorcity - episode 02 “Power Trip.”

After taking a painting test, this was the next step. Basically my “audition” to secure a permanent spot on the monstrously talented Motorcity design team.  On a show that even if I wasn’t involved with, I would KILL to work on. No pressure, right?

The first layout didn’t seem too bad-“I can do that!” I thought to myself. Then, they brought up the second one. The “engine porn” shot, if you will.  Talk about a trial by fire! I was sweating as soon as I saw it. Well, do or die, fight or flee, right? So I buckled down, strapped in and attacked it with everything I had (at the time).  When the dust settled, there I stood. Still breathing-though ragged at times.  And now I’m doing what I love-every day. I can’t imagine feeling better than this.

Thanks for picking up this wayward hitchhiker.  I’ll ride beside you for as long as you’ll have me.


*While I “technically” worked on episode one, those BG’s were mainly fixes & touch-ups, so I wont be sharing those as I don’t feel like it’s really my own work.

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    I’m in love with that motor…. your work is just GLORIOUS!
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    Re-designed my theme to match the top pic. Love these drawings! i wish i could do backgrounds like that!
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